Client Services and Project Management

With a single point of contact and a dedicated team, you can rely on and trust in us to manage your retail project from start to finish.

Account Management

With your own dedicated Account Manager, our Customer Service Group makes relationships, quality and service a priority ensuring we continue to meet our customers’ retail requirements and guarantee their satisfaction.

Project Management

Whether we are involved in a portion of a retail project, or managing the retail project from end to end, we are with you every step of the way ensuring you are always informed and updated. We are reliable and have been trusted to manage projects from design, to manufacture and supply, to fixture installation and retail merchandising, always focused and committed to delivering on time, on budget and to our customer’s satisfaction.


We get to know your business so we can custom design retail environments and fixtures that are as practical as they are impressive.


Our design team has expertise in retail concept design, interior design, store planning, industrial design and graphic design. We work with you to bring ideas to life in sketches, plans and 3D renderings, allowing you to visualize your retail environment complete with custom store fixture designs. We are your single source for design and can manage your space planning, retail design, store fixture design and POP display needs.


Our designers collaborate with our retail engineers to transform your retail concepts, retail designs, fixture designs and renderings into precise technical drawings keeping the final product true to your store fixture concept and structurally sound. Our skilled engineers use advanced software programs to ensure your store fixtures are made using innovative practices and the latest most suitable materials.


Our integrated design, engineering and manufacturing processes convert our precise technical drawings into a single, fully functional store fixture prototype. Our retail engineers collaborate with our master fabricators who use real production methods to give you the ability to test the product before committing to production. Getting us involved early and confirming the performance of your custom retail fixture could mean significant cost and time savings overall.


We ensure you have the right quality of custom retail fixtures and commodity retail fixtures at the most reliable and cost effective manufacturing on your timelines. Consolidating fixtures from all over the world, we make delivery as simple and painless as possible.


We convert raw materials into functional store fixtures and custom retail displays based on drawings produced by our retail designers and retail engineers. In over 150,000 square feet, our Canadian manufacturing facility is among the largest and best equipped facilities in the country, outfitted with top-of-the-line automated machinery and a team of skilled trades people who build your metal, wood and plastic custom retail displays to your specifications.


For over 10 years, we have developed partnerships with premium, high quality manufacturers in the USA, Asia, India, Europe and across the globe who implement the same manufacturing standards we are known for in our domestic operations. With international project managers on site at several overseas plants, we are able to manufacture custom retail displays and source commodity fixtures at a consistent quality and at the best price for you.


Your store fixture inventory is always close and ready when you are. We own and operate two climate-controlled distribution centres – 75,000 square feet just outside Toronto, ON and 15,000 square feet in Edmonton, AB. We mass produce store fixtures saving you time and money, and with our advanced software inventory tracking system we will manage your inventory so you know exactly how many store fixtures you have in stock and where they are located.


We make it our mission to ensure you receive as few shipments as possible. Our logistics specialists track your inventory and calculate the most efficient store fixture distribution methods to help manage your freight costs. We co-pack store fixtures we produce with those we source from our manufacturing partners to ensure that everything you need arrives together and on time, optimizing your store fixture installation.


Anywhere in North America, we carefully select a team from an entire on-demand network of skilled and experienced field staff. Satisfying a wide range of labour profiles, our team of retail installers and retail merchandisers are always retail focused and get it right the first time.

Store Fixtures Installation

We have a network of certified skilled tradespeople and experts specializing in retail display assembly and installation. With local, regional and national deployment, they always execute with care and accuracy to ensure your store opens on time and to your standards. Working directly with the project manager assigned to your retail project our team ensure your store opens on time and to your standards.

Retail Merchandising

Our team of skilled and experienced merchandisers knows the importance of retail product placement and strategic display in driving sales. We can execute your planograms and we can create them for you to fit with your brand and your retail concept. We have gained valuable insights in working with a wide range of retailers across North America that we bring to the table when crafting merchandising solutions for you and your store.