How we care as part of the community

Our focus goes beyond our business. We promote a culture where we support people who are passionate not just in the work they do but in the causes they support and the communities we live in.

An invitation and the subsequent tour of the Earth Rangers facility is what captured the attention of owner Bud Morris. It was the breadth of environmental initiatives lead by Earth Rangers and our shared values on sustainability that fuelled us to become leaders in our industry and committed to educating our teams and families on ways to take care of the planet. We believe in the importance of being good corporate citizens and continue to partner with Earth Rangers through financial and programming support as well as evolve and introduce new sustainable business initiatives to our operations at CBSF.

About Earth Rangers
Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization, dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats. CBSF shares in their vision to get everyone to acknowledge and choose daily actions that protect the biodiversity of our plant and keep it thriving.

What started out as a simple team holiday food drive 9 years ago, is now a commitment to not only support Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter with ongoing company and team events, but the personal campaign of Luisa Loffreda to spread the word and source new contributors for the shelter. Luisa has shared the Ernestine’s story with neighbouring businesses and colleagues who have in turn extended support either financially or in kind to the women’s shelter. A chance encounter between Luisa and the team at Ernestine’s has lead to a long term relationship, growing from that first food drive to clothing swaps, hosting seasonal activity craft days for the children at the shelter and financial support for programs like ‘Skills Exchange’.

About Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter
At Ernestine’s they believe that women and children deserve the opportunity to experience a life free of violence, fear, degradation, physical and sexual assault. They make it their mission to educate women and children on their rights, provide them the resources and support they need to recover and build a new life.