How we care as a company

From raw material choices to the place we call home, CBSF has consciously chosen to green our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

Raw Materials

Wherever possible and available, CBSF sources raw materials composed of recycled content like our hardboard backs that are SFI certified because they are made from 100% recycled wood fibre content and our steel consisting of anywhere from 27% – 72% recycled content, the exact amount dependent on vendor, type of steel and specific component.

Manufacturing and Distribution Process

In our manufacturing process we not only have a close eye on ensuring quality products, we are consciously efficient with using every inch of raw material. In one year alone we purchase approximately 450,000 lbs of sheet steel and produce only 9% of waste scrap from our manufacturing practices, with all of that diverted to recycling. We also guarantee all of our steel paint lines use powder-coating technology that eliminates emissions and hazardous waste water created with standard steel painting. For our wood products, we use low VOC water based paint and no VOC filler reducing scrap for hardboard backs.

The best examples of our industry leadership in efficient packaging and distribution are simple ones by our standards. We ship product in bulk, consolidating orders as much as we can and find the most efficient route to you. Ensuring product doesn’t get damaged during shipment is a priority and switching to recyclable corner boards and steel strapping versus cartoning means more product delivered in every single truck and trailer load.


Whether it is in our production, in our distribution or in our offices, recycling is a way of life for CBSF. We reuse pallets and packaging that come from our suppliers, our wood cut offs from manufacturing are reclaimed for use as packing material to protect new finished products and our steel off cuts are sold as scrap to be melted and reinvented into other products.

In our offices, everything from the usual paper and plastic gets recycled along with corrugated cardboard, light bulbs and outdated computers. Each of our offices employs an environmental coordinator to ensure compliance, reporting and employee training is always up to date.

Business Operations

At CBSF, our efforts to protect the environment are not just a commitment to business practices; it’s a philosophy for how we operate overall. We conduct Environmental and Health and Safety reviews on all chemicals used in every facility – manufacturing, distribution and offices. Over the past 3 years, we have substituted less hazardous materials not only in our production processes but also for activities such as building maintenance, tool and die and lawn care. Several of our facilities have also replaced outdated light fixtures to more energy efficient models, increasing light output while reducing energy consumption by an average of 40%.

Where We Work

Where we work says a lot about us, and our commitment to being good corporate citizens. In a series of recent remodels, we designed all our office locations with an open floor plan, proven to be great for culture and communication. With the choice of colours and finishes, and the use of lights that reflect light off the ceiling, the design gives employees access to natural and indirect light making it a more comfortable environment to work in.

We even took it outside – to the roof of our head office to be exact. We invested in purchasing and installing almost 300 solar panels covering a total square footage of just over 21,500 sf. We generate on average 250kWh annually and sell it back to the grid. Since installation, we have generated one and a half times more energy than we consume for that one location.